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What is the difference between a Members, Observers and Collaborators?
What is the difference between a Members, Observers and Collaborators?
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When we designed Sprintly, we designed it so that everyone on your team could have access to it. As part of that, we have different types of users: Members, Observers and Collaborators.

Members have full access to Sprintly: Members can create, edit, comment and assign items. Members are normally members of the development, product, and design teams.

Observers have read-only access to Sprintly. Observers can see what items are in progress, and see the status of those items. Observers cannot interact with items at all. These users are often users in Sales, Finance, or other business or admin roles that want to know what the product team is working on but aren't involved in creating or working on product items.

Collaborators can submit items and comment on items. Collaborators cannot assign or change the status of items. For companies that do custom code development, Collaborators seats can be used to give clients the ability to create items and give feedback on items, but not the ability to manage them. For product companies, Collaborators is a way to allow a broader range of users access to collaborate on items without allowing them to disrupt any processes that the product team has put into place.

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