The AwesomeBar

The AwesomeBar is a visual search bar that assists in querying against the Sprintly Search API.

The AwesomeBar exposes a greater number of item qualities to filter on. Hovering over items in the first AwesomeBar menu (the “field chooser”) will expose a short description of each option

for more in-depth information on search fields and our search backend, see: Search API

AwesomeBar auto-generates options appropriate to each attribute available to search on, and does all the necessary formatting behind the scenes so that queries are guaranteed readable by our Search API.

There is a three-part process for composing a query:

  1. Selecting an item attribute that maps to a search field
  2. Selecting a modifier -- ie, “>”, “<=”, “contains”, “does not contain”
  3. Selecting or entering the value you would like to filter on, such as the tag “foo”, or the user “John D.

The Awesome Bar allows you to get facet counts with each query -  all queries include facet counts along with items data. Counts are displayed for each filter in the Filters Bar. You can also see count breakdowns for each column by clicking on the column header to display Column Stats. 

The AwesomeBar allows you to run complex queries including:

  • Negative filtering: ie, `-tag:beta-release` to filter out all items tagged with “beta release”
    • To use negative filters on supported queries, choose the “does not contain” modifier from the modifier menu.
  • Ranges on date and number fields: `created:>2016-01-01 created:<2016-06-01` would return items created between Jan 1st and June 1st

You can remove individual query statements using the statement’s “delete” button to re-run the query without that statement, or use the clear button to clear all queries and return to default state.

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