Exporting to CSV via the API

Below is a simple cURL command that you can run from the OS X Terminal application or any other UNIX prompt. The second example below shows how to use API filter arguments to refine your CSV exports to items matching a tag or assignee. Our two most commonly used arguments are offset and limit and they are defined like this:

  • offset (integer, default=0) A zero-index offset from which to start returning results. This, combined with limit, lets you page through all of your items.
  • limit (integer, default=20) How many items to return in the result. If a value higher than 100 is provided, it will override your value with a value of 100.

Example 1

# Download the CSV via our API using the command line tool curl.
# - Be sure to change your API key.
# - Be sure to put the right product ID after "/products".
$ curl -s -u you@example.com:your_sprintly_api_key https://sprint.ly/api/products/your_product_id/items.csv > out.csv<
# Open it (OS X only) 
$ open out.csv

Example 2

# 1. Replace your_email with the address you use to log into Sprint.ly.
# 2. Replace your_api_key with the API key found at 
# 3. Replace your_product_id with the number from your Sprint.ly products' URL. 
# 4. Replace "tags=emails" with whatever tag you'd like (e.g. "tags=someusertag"). 
# 5. You should see "items_for_emails.csv" on your Desktop when you're done.    
$ curl -s -u your_email:your_api_key 'https://sprint.ly/api/products/your_product_id/items.csv?status=backlog,in-progress,completed,accepted&tags=emails' > ~/Desktop/items_for_emails.csv
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