Marking Items as Deployed

Sprintly offers a feature to bulk mark items as deployed from the Mine and Reports views. 

To mark items as deployed, check mark the applicable items, select Mark as Deployed from the bulk edit menu, add your notes and click Apply.

Are you now ready to move these items into Accepted status? Take a few more [clicks from the bulk edit menu]. You may also want to add a tag noting your release number from the same bulk edit menu.

An activity entry will be added to each item’s history. An email notification will be generated to the items’ respective followers. These items will also appear under the Deploys section of your Daily Digest email. 

These deploy activities can be also be filtered from the Activity Feed view and the Add Filter menu.

Please note that although these steps mark your Sprintly items as deployed, you will still need to deploy the actual code changes for your product through your own CI process. 

Interested in marking items as deployed via our API? Read our about our deploys API in this knowledge base article. 


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