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Creating Items via Email
Creating Items via Email
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Sprintly has an email gateway that supports creating items and commenting via email. In this tutorial we'll cover how to create items. You must use the same email address that you use to log into Sprintly. We also have a short video on creating new items via email here.

Getting Started

Every product in Sprintly has five special URLs that you can send, or forward, emails:

  • stories-{product_id}

  • story-{product_id}

  • tasks-{product_id}

  • defects-{product_id}

  • bugs-{product_id}

  • tests-{product_id}

You can find your {product_id} by looking in your browser's address bar when logged into The URL will look like{product_id}/current. Take the number out of URL and add it to the above email addresses (e.g. where 1111 is you product_id). Now is a great time to add these five emails to your address book.

Crafting the Email

  1. Send an email to (where 1111 is your product's ID) to create a new defect. You can create stories, tasks, and tests as well by changing bugs-1111 to stories-1111, tasks-1111, or tests-1111.

Note: Stories will need to follow the same format as in the user interface: "As a ______, I want ______, so that _______.

 2. CC a teammate to assign the new item to them. The teammate's email address must be registered as a member.
 3. The subject is the title of the new item.
 4. The body is the description of the new item. You can use Markdown syntax here.
 5. You can attach multiple files to your email and they will be imported.

Email Receipt

Sprintly will respond back with a confirmation email receipt when you send an item in via email. If something went awry, we will send an error receipt as well. If you do not receive an email from us, check the outgoing address you used is correct and confirm the address you are sending from matches your Sprintly account log-in. If you are not having success, please contact us via support with details about the email you sent (from, to, subject, body).

Can I create items in bulk?

No, this is no longer possible.

Why can't I create items via email?

The most common problem is attempting to create an item from an email address that doesn't map to a Sprintly account with access to your product. Make sure you're sending emails from an email address tied to your Sprintly account.

How long does it take for new items to show up?

The vast majority of all new items are created within a couple of minutes depending on the size of the queues.

How many attachments can I add?

You can attach as many as you like. Please note that the more files you attach the longer it will take to create your new item.

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