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Managing Products
Managing Products
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Account owners have the ability to create, edit and delete products. These product management tools may be found in the Products page of your account settings menu:

Once in the Products menu, you may begin creating, editing, archiving or deleting your products.

Create New Products

Create new products by entering the name of your product in the Create a new product field. Click the Create button to save your new product:

Edit, Archive or Delete Products

Once a product has been created, you have the additional options to edit the product name, archive the product or delete the product.

Under the Active Products section, hover over the right-hand side of the product you want to modify and click on the gear icon to open the menu:

  • Edit allows you to rename the product.

  • Archive allows you to put the product in "hibernation" status on our system. This is an effective tool to manage projects that you no longer need to actively access. Once a product is archived, it will appear under the Archived Products section and you will have the option to edit, unarchive or delete:

  • Delete removes the product and all of its data from Sprintly.

Transferring Products

Sprintly currently allows only one owner per account. If you need to transfer ownership of your account, please contact us at with the new account owner email address and the product IDs you would like transferred. We would be more than happy to assist.

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