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The Progress report shows burn down and measurable progress over time for each tag in your product.

We track velocity in the progress view by tags. First we collect all the completed items that have the same tag and then add up all the points for those items. We then divide this number by 21 to give us the average amount of points completed for that tag with in that time period. We then take the remaining uncompleted items with the same tag and add the points for the entire group. Using the average value from the completed items and the total points from the uncompleted items we give a day estimate on how long it will take to finish the tag.

Progress view answers these critical project needs and questions:

-“Give me a progress report.”

-“When will we be done?”

-“How much work have we finished so far?”

-“Who do we have working on this?”

-“What tickets are we working on?”

Viewing Results
Due to the way we calculate velocity for each tag, you will need to refresh the page to see the most up to date information.

Filtering Tags

By default, we show a progress bar for every tag in your system. To filter results down to the tags you're most interested in, either use the A-Z navigation on the left-hand side or type in a few letters of your tag in the Filter by Tag field. You may filter by multiple tags. Once filtered, use the URL from the browser to share the results with others on your team. Here is an example below:

Work Days Remaining (Velocity)

You will need to move one item from the tag to Complete before we can generate an estimated Work Days (24 hours including weekends) Remaining value.

We calculate estimated work days left as a moving average of your team's items completed over the previous three weeks. We map estimates on items on the backend to traditional story points as follows:

? = 0

S = 1

M = 3

L = 5

XL = 8

Velocity Calculation for Stories and Sub-Items
If a story tagged with "test," then Progress will include that story and all its sub-items, whether or not the sub items are tagged with that "test" tag in its velocity calculation.

Viewing Detailed Results

Click into the Progress bar to view detailed results from the Reports page. Use the Add Filter option on the Reports page to modify results.

Keyboard Shortcut

Press keys gp to load Progress from any other Sprintly view.

Tags API

Please refer to this article for more information.

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