What is a sub-item?
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Stories in Sprint.ly are special in that you can create sub-items that are grouped and prioritize under the parent story. Sub-items can be independently assigned and there is no limit to how many sub-items you can have under a story.

To add a sub-item to a story:

  1. Click on any Story card title anywhere in the UI: the Dashboard, Timelines, or Organizer (formerly the Items view).

  2. Click on the Add sub-item to story button inside the item card on the item detail (permalink) page.

  3. Enter sub-item details as per usual.

Note: Sub-items automatically inherit the parent's tags. You may edit them when creating the sub-item or afterwards via the normal edit functionality.

Sub-items follow their parent story through the development process. There are a few cases where an operation on a parent will affect the parent's sub-items:

  • Sub-items will be marked as complete when the parent is marked as complete.

  • Sub-items will be marked as accepted when the parent is marked as accepted.

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