Sprint.ly supports four types of work items.

  • Story A story is often a new feature or additional functionality. Stories in Sprintly are green. In general it is something that is perceived to be adding value to your product. A good rule of thumb is that anything that requires more than one step to complete or requires more than one person to complete, then it's a good candidate to be a story.

  • Task A discrete unit of work that a single person needs to complete. Tasks in Sprintly are dark gray. e.g. "Add a canceled_on column to the account table."

  • Test A test of some sort. Tests in Sprintly are blue. We believe tests shouldn't be an afterthought so we wanted to make sure they were given the same weight as other tasks. We use this to indicate tests that need to be created. Customers have also used them to separate QA work from development work.

  • Defect A defect is a bug. Defects in Sprintly are red.

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