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Closing Items via Pull Request
Closing Items via Pull Request
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Introduction's GitHub integrations also offer support for GitHub's pull request functionality. This allows you to use our SCM syntax from pull request titles and bodies to manipulate tickets on

When a ticket is referenced in a pull request an activity entry is added to the item's permalink page. After the pull request is approved and merged, the tickets marked as being closed by the pull request are marked as closed.

Marking a ticket as fix from a pull request

You'll want to use the same syntax you use for fixing tickets via a commit. You can put "Fixes #44" or "Closes #44" (where #44 is the item's number) into either the title or description.

Once the pull request has been issued, you should see an activity entry pushed to the item's permalink page.

When you approve the pull request on GitHub, two things will happen:

  • The tickets marked as being fixed in the pull request will be marked as closed in

  • An activity entry will be added noting the pull request was merged.

Can I reference tickets from pull requests?

Yes, you can. The only difference is that referenced tickets will not be closed when the pull request is approved.

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