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List of available keyboard shortcuts
List of available keyboard shortcuts
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Here's a list of our keyboard shortcuts that can be used in our older UI. These aren't for use on the Kanban board.

  • s Create a new story

  • t Create a new task

  • T Create a new test

  • d Create a new defect

  • e On an item detail page will put the item into edit mode

  • CTRL + Enter on the Add Item view adds an item and leaves the form to add another

  • CMD/Control + Enter to save comment

  • / Will bring focus to the search field

Anywhere in the application you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate the site:

  • gd Go to the Dashboard

  • gm Go to Mine

  • go Go to the Organizer

  • ga Go to the Activity Feed

  • gr Go to the Reports

  • gt Go to the Timelines

  • gp Go to Progress

If you have ideas for further keyboard shortcuts, please contact support!

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